[ lee-kuh ] [ eep-mah ]

Lieke Ypma is one of Hello Impact's Founding Partners.

As a dutch designer and engineer, she takes a user’s perspective on strategy development. With her clients and teams, she creates products, services and business ideas which can only come to be through multi-disciplinary collaboration, early prototypes, and a healthy focus on user needs.

Her 15 years of professional experience, in corporates and agencies, enable her to create actionable strategies for mobility and beyond.

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User Centered Talks
Bicycle Show Velo Berlin May 2020
The Mobility Design Project November 2019

User Centered Publication
coming soon VDV Blaues Buch, Ypma, Kucz, Naji, Ritzer, October 2019

Female Mobility Talks and Involvements
Mobilistinnen October 2020
European Transport Conference September 2020
Indimo Project August 2020
Ramboll Female Mobility Project August 2020
Women in Tech Network June 2020
Thingscon, Responsible IoT December 2019
Women In Mobility Summit November 2019
Urban Mobility Day June 2019

Female Mobility Publications
Was ist weibliche Mobilität? Ypma Bellmann Pollack, Karuna, September 2020
Women move differently Ypma Bellmann Pollack, Word Economic Forum, January 2020
5 ways transport could step up a way for women Ypma Bellmann Pollack, Word Economic Forum, March 2020
Verkehr, ein Angebot von Männer für Männer Reidl, Riffreporter, November 2019
Female Mobility - Ideas that benefit all Lieke Ypma, Frieda Bellmann, Diana Pollack, October 2019

Other Engagements
Bürgerinitiative Sichere Wege für Tempelhof Founder, September 2020
Founder Institute Startup Coaching, Since March 2020
Macromedia University, Smart City Design Lecturer, Since August 2018